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We use the right tools for each project and our team uses the appropriate measures to avoid any accident, taking care of your project and our workers are something very important.

Do you need a kitchen, bathroom renovation, or something else to renovate your home, House Painting Plus has an experienced team and you can confidently leave everything in our hands. just a call and we will arrive to give you a quote. 30 years of experience providing the service has given us the best references that are our clients and they can verify that our services are of the best quality.


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Interior Painting

When we talk about an interior painting job, we do not lack any detail, we protect each area to avoid stains due to drops on your floors or furniture and thus give you the best quality in each job.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of the houses is the first impression that you give in how to give the reflection of your personality and it is there where House Painting Plus comes into action giving life to your personality in the exterior painting of your house.

Siding Painting

When we want to give you a new aspect to our house we can think of many ideas and one of them is to put a new siding. When you decide to repair or replace the siding of your home.

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Our team of professionals does their best to always exceed customer expectations and give you something spectacular that you won't find anywhere else. House Painting Plus is the company you need for the solution you are looking for for your home, we are committed to being ready to solve your needs contact us.

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30 Years with you

house painting plus a company with 30 years of experience providing our services in Atlanta, GA,


experience in residential and commercial work, our focus began by providing the painting

Trained Workers

now we are proud to be able to provide more, such as remodeling, floors, siding, deck builder and more.

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8am - 6pm

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But if you need a contractor now, do not hesitate and leave everything in our hands, call now for more information.


leave it in our hands and we will take care of giving your house a spectacular new style

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Anne Laterra
Anne Laterra
Working with Israel to paint our entire exterior was great. He was very responsive, knowledgeable, and adaptive when we wanted to make changes to the plan. We had some unique aspects of our job : replacing screened in porch , repairing trim work and siding, painting some metal window frames etc. And his team handled everything beautifully. He was also the most competitive of three quotes we got so working with him is a no brainer. Highly recommend
James Woodin
James Woodin
I've known Israel for a long time. He is prompt, thorough and gives a good value for his time at your location. I always use this company for repairs, painting, and work on the interior and exterior of our home.
Jennifer Ayers
Jennifer Ayers
We use House Painting Plus often for our business. Love these guys for all painting and interior restoration needs.
Derrick Patterson
Derrick Patterson
From estimate to completion, everything was very professional, and without worry. I would highly recommend House Painting Plus, and I will definitely use them for my next job.
Sandy Blakely
Sandy Blakely
Fantastic company! Their work is beautiful, completed on time and with great thoughtfulness about details in execution and the needs of the clients. I looked at many different companies before making my choice and could not be happier. This was a small job, just an 820 square foot condo, but they treated it with the expedience and respect you would hope for from a major task. The place looks like new thanks to their skill and care.
David Thurmond
David Thurmond
I received a quote from Mr. Israel Sarabia (SA Painting d/b/a House Painting Plus, LLC) for repairing the Sheetrock ceiling & walls (after 12/22 Atlanta area frozen pipes flooding) and re-painting garage ceilings & walls. He had painted our kitchen as part of a full kitchen remodel in 2013. He was just as courteous, prompt & professional this time as last time. I proceeded with job and added repainting 2 additional interior rooms & entrance hallway. His crews, over 3 days, were promptly on job, first class & professional. My wife and I will surely use this company, again, in the future and highly recommend them to all. Both times, this felt like money well spent.
Israel does it again! This is our second time using his company and again he showed up promptly, returned a quote immediately, and did the project quickly and thoroughly. With Israel you don’t have to worry - perfect every time!
Carl Butler
Carl Butler
Israel and his team did an amazing job with the fixes/painting me and my wife needed done and exceeded our expectations. His prices weren’t a second guess to us after seeing his work done on our first day working with him. His communication is very thorough and he is a man of his word. He has definitely gained new customers from us if we ever need anything else done to home that is in their field of expertise. Thanks Israel!
Dorian Martindale
Dorian Martindale
UPDATE - YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW, UNTIL YOU DO (revised from 5 stars to 2 stars): As we waited the recommended 60-90 days before staining, I began to notice flaws (gaps, uneven corners, crooked railing, etc.) in the craftsmanship of our deck (see images). Israel came back and did some minor fixes. Our homeowners' association president had an inspector for the County at her home. He came over to introduce himself and immediately began to point out things that weren't "up to code" and other issues with our deck - the improper spacing/number of bolts to secure the deck to our home (16 to 24 in. between is "up to code" while some of ours had 4 to 5 ft. between them), support beams with no Y support bracing (see images), several areas where nails were used instead of screws to actually secure the hold, straight railing on the stairs that consisted of 3 individual boards which, over time, will begin to wear and warp in 3 different ways, snaking railing on the long side, and gaps where there should be tight fits. Finally, and most concerning, I noticed that one of the support beams looked crooked. A closer look revealed that the beam was completely detached from the bottom side of the deck. Fortunately, the inspector had a nail gun with him and was kind enough to nail the beam in place temporarily. His professional opinion is that a deck should be put together with nails, HELD TOGETHER with screws, and that our contractor did not put enough screws in the proper places after deck was put together. I immediately texted and called Israel to report our findings and to schedule time for him to come back and secure our deck. Within about a week, someone came to secure the support beam WITH MORE NAILS. We were out of town, so I can't say exactly who came or when they came. When we returned, I contacted Israel about the other fixes to our deck. After several weeks of exchanged texts and calls, I was finally able to meet with Israel and we agreed that he would come back to add Y supports and bolts to get our deck "up to code", as well as screws to properly hold our deck together. On Sunday, October 9, 2022, Israel came to make the agreed upon repairs. We spoke, like we usually do, he advised me that his guys were at Home Depot picking up materials and would be arriving soon. My son and I were at the house, having breakfast, and watching the early-morning Giants/Packers game broadcast from London. The noise from the work made it such that we had to turn the television up loud to hear it. The noise stopped an hour and a half or so later, while the game was still on. I assumed the crew was taking a break. My son left a little after halftime of the game and when I walked him out, I noticed Israel and his crew were gone. I retrieved my phone and noticed a text message from Israel which read, "Is done". Long review longer, when I went to inspect the work, I instantly understood why Israel left without advising me and without doing a final walkthrough with me. The work was clearly a rush job - boards cut at improper angles, nails or screws driven in ways that resulted in damages to the wood, gaps everywhere (see images). When I texted Israel to advise him of my displeasure he responded by saying, "Mr Dorian I spend $800 Today and I don't charge you for the extra work That's all I can do". I reminded him that we paid him $22,000 with "the expectation being that our deck would be built safely, precisely, and to [the] highest standards of craftsmanship." To which, he did not respond. If you plan to use House Painting Plus to build a deck, which at this point I do not recommend, I suggest you also plan to have the work inspected by a neutral third party and an agreement that specifies the standards of quality expected.
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